What is SRCAS?

SRCAS is a powerful and flexible solution for streamlining and automating the claim administration process across all classes of Corporate and Commercial insurance. SRCAS has been designed for Insurers, Brokers, Third Party Administrators, or any organisation that manages their own claims, to efficiently manage all claim related activities.

SRCAS supports the entire life cycle of the claim, reducing turnaround times, improving productivity and decreasing administrative expenses.


SRCAS is a web-based system providing a secure, convenient way to report and administer claims and/or incidents. SRCAS’s easy-to-use interface enables claim and/or incident administration from any computer with an internet connection, anywhere on the globe.

SRCAS is 100% cross browser and operating system compliant, requiring no additional hardware or software on the client workstation other than a web browser; Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE etc.

SRCAS is configured to meet each client’s business requirements. The easy-to-use data entry screens use customisable drop-down fields containing pre-filled data and validation rules to speed up claims management, eliminating duplication and ensuring data integrity.

SRCAS in a Nutshell

Home Screen & Dashboard

The Home Screen & Dashboard is a customisable interface designed to consolidate Claim Administration activities into a single, easy to navigate location. The Home Screen displays a detailed summary of the claim administration activities, identifying areas within the system which require some form of attention or action.

  • Problematic Claims where the Gross Claim, Net Claim or Outstanding Claim values are less than 0.00
  • Claims which have RI Recoveries due
  • Any Diary entries which require follow-up/attention
  • Customisable Graphs
  • This interface can be customised to suit each client’s requirements

Group Administration

The Group Administration module defines the client’s structure, including a hierarchical organisational structure (which can span infinite levels containing infinite operations per level), Cost Centres to provide alternative data grouping and a list of preferred Service Providers.

Claim and/or Financial reports and/or data export can be generated based on the actual hierarchical organisation structure or on a Cost Centre basis.

Insurance Structure

The Insurance Structure module defines the client’s insurance program and the various Policies which constitute the program. Each of the client’s policies can be delineated to form custom structures to cater for differing Limits, Deductibles and Aggregates. Each of the Limits, be they retained or external, which comprise these custom structures are further allocated to predefi ned Underwriters, which facilitates RI Recoveries on a claim by claim basis.

Claim financials are fully integrated with the insurance program with real-time claim allocation for General claim values (Gross Claim, Excess, Net Claim, Paid and Outstanding), Retained and External allocation by Underwriter and Aggregates. This increases control over claim settlement, giving clients the ability to accurately monitor critical metrics.

The Insurance Structure module caters for both mid-term increases and/or decreases to Policies, ensuring that all historic claim data prior to the adjustment remains intact.

System Security

SigmaRisk includes full Role-based Security for each of the modules within the system, and Access Control is managed through User Accounts. Data Access within SigmaRisk can also be restricted on an Insurance Class (FSB Class) basis, with Authorisation limits set for each Insurance Class.

Administrators can further improve collaboration by providing their client’s with access to SigmaRisk.

Client Access follows the same security principles as detailed above, however access is restricted to only the client’s data. Based on the security confi guration client’s can view claim status, capture new claims and/ or incidents, track and enter group or policy information, run reports and receive notifi cation e-mails.

SigmaRisk system uses a 64-bit SQL database which provides enhanced stability and performance.

SRCAS's Features

Audit Trail & Data Versioning

The system includes Data Versioning across all critical areas of the system. Data Versioning means that at the close of business each day the current status of all records is noted, any change to any one of these records on a subsequent date will result in a new version of that record being created. Any changes effected are stored to the new version of the original record, thus enabling the system to provide roll-back functionality should the need arise.

SigmaRisk includes a user-friendly financial audit trail on a claim by claim basis, with every financial transaction (Reserves, Payments, Ancillary Payments and/or RI Receipts) performed on a claim recorded in the log. SigmaRisk also stores a detailed SQL audit trail for every database transaction performed via the interface. This further supports roll-back functionality.

Data Export & Document Managing

SigmaRisk includes User defined data export tools which facilitate the export of claim data. Each user defined export can be stored for future use. All claim data is exported to MS Excel XML Spreadsheet format by default, however we can provide data in many other data formats as required.

Word, Excel and PDF documents can be attached to any Claim within SigmaRisk, reducing the volume of paperwork associated with the claim administration process, essentially creating a 100% electronic Claim File.

Electronic Communication

When serious events occur or immediate action is required, key personnel are automatically and instantly alerted via e-mail. E-mail communication can also be sent directly from the Claim Administration module to Clients and/or Service Providers as needed. This provides enhanced collaboration ensuring that key personnel and ancillary parties are kept apprised.

Payment Bordereaux Administration

SigmaRisk provides cross class Claim Payment, Ancillary Payment and RI Receipt Bordereaux administration, including both provisional and final runs for each bordereau. SigmaRisk also stores each bordereau generated by the system for future reference.

Miscellaneous Tools & Functionality

SigmaRisk includes the following additional Tools and Functions

  • Real-time Identity No. validation
  • Real-time tracking of the number of claims by Driver Identity No./Passport No. and Vehicle Registration No. for each U/W Year
  • Real-time tracking of Total Loss Claims for all U/W Years by VIN No.
  • Compile a Users defi ned Vehicle Make and/or Model database on the fly
  • The system handles both VAT incl. and VAT excl. data capture

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